What is Ayurveda?

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A healing modality that has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Ayu in Sanskrit means life and Veda embodying knowledge or science. These ancient teachings have been practiced for centuries. Ayurveda has its healing modalities rooted in cultures such as Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Medicine Men and Women from all over and so many more. Ayurveda helps one to understand the changing of cycles in one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body, understanding how one affects the other. When one can truly tune into their senses, listen to the signals that the body is presenting, and connect with the environment surrounding you, every cell in our being begins to shift and change into a healthier state of well being.

When we can learn to ride the coaster through the tools we gain from the teachings of Ayurveda, life can be beautiful.

Ayurveda teaches us how to connect with our senses, not just our five core senses; our sense of peace, clarity and inner voice. Learning how to listen to the internal voice that is always looking out for your best interest. Sometimes this voice can be shut down, stuck or hidden from a trauma, behavior pattern or lack of interest in oneself. Through Ayurveda, we gain the tools to cope with anxious and stressful emotions that would otherwise lead us into a state of roller coaster emotions.

The anxiousness and stressful emotions everyone experiences can be felt healthy and appropriately through the tools of Ayurveda.

These anxious and stressful emotions can be great learning challenges for one who understands these signals in the body. An example would be a cumbersome schedule, where you want to go grocery shopping, clean your house, and make a smoothie all before you attend a yoga class in an hour. Your over working your nervous system, throwing it into a fight or flight state and going to a yoga class should be quite the opposite! When one can use Ayurvedic teachings in their daily routine and lifestyle, our feelings can be recognized and managed in a healthy mental and emotional way.

Ayurveda has helped and changed so many lives.

Ayurveda is continuously evolving and now is the time to awaken the skills we all have in all of us through these teachings. I’ll leave you with a little practice of gratitude in the morning before your feet touch the floor. As you begin to wake, stretch and smile. Whisper to yourself with your hand on your heart “thank you, I love you,” or whatever prayer fits your heart. This one little change in one’s life can leave a huge impact on the cells of your body.

Learn to be silent and listen to your inner voice. This is what Ayurveda has been teaching me.


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