The Magic of Ghee

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Have you ever heard of ghee?

In short, ghee is melted, boiled down clarified butter from a cow.

Ghee can be used in a numerous of ways. The first time I started using ghee was as an alternative to olive oil. When cooking, it’s good to change up the oils and spices with your meals. Sticking with the same food; the body acclimates resulting in inefficient distribution of nutrition. Ghee can help to lubricate the internal organs while it is digesting in the body. Not just for cooking, ghee can also be warmed up and used as a massage oil. Warming it up for just a few moments on the stove can be a nice lubricant for the skin before stepping into cooler weather. Ghee can also be taken with warm water in the morning upon waking to help with signs of discomfort in the digestive tract.
Dealing with a dry digestive system, I first started cooking with ghee to try something new. With this small change with other modifications within my life, my body was feeing lighter. I felt like I had more fluidity within my body. Ghee was not enough to solve my problems, but it certainly assisted in my healing process. Try it out and cook with it for about a week. Explore the taste and make sure its organically sourced from grass fed cows! I cannot express how important this detail is because cows that are taken care of and local have richer nutrients in the food they make. If ghee isn’t something for you, at least try to eat cleaner to help your body repair.


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