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Are You Prepared for the Heat?

While summer may still be a few months away, let’s shift our focus to the spring season.

As the northern hemisphere slowly inches closer to the sun, the southern part experiences darker and colder days. In the realm of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine and healing, late winter and early spring are recognized as the Kapha season. Kaphas are individuals who tend to gain weight and accumulate fat around their abdomen or waist due to an excess of water in their system, leading them to feel sluggish. Their metabolism struggles to efficiently burn calories, making weight loss a challenge. During this season, our bodies also undergo changes, and it’s important to adjust our diet, daily practices, and routines accordingly.

The old saying “you are what you eat” may sound cliché, but it holds truth.

By adapting to the changing seasons, we can help regulate our body temperature as the climate shifts. For instance, incorporating the use of a neti pot can potentially reduce allergens. Ayurveda offers numerous practices to help maintain a healthy balance throughout different times of the year. Let’s start with something simple—here are some foods that grow in southwest Florida during this time of year:

*Bok Choy
*Eggplant (this is a nightshade and may be hard to digest soon)
*Collard Greens

And the list goes on! You can check out seasonal food guide to explore what foods grow in your state.

In winter, we tend to hibernate, but now it’s time to emerge from the darkness and embrace the light.

Have you ever noticed the urge to cleanse or eat cleaner as spring approaches? It’s because the body’s innate intelligence within each cell signals us that it’s time to “clean house.” This cleaning process can manifest in various ways—decluttering your physical space or detoxifying your body with a liver cleanse. Listen to your body and switch up your meals, create a new workout routine, take breaks from electronics, and spend more time in nature.

Spring offers countless opportunities to reconnect your mind, body, and soul. Perhaps you’d like to start a garden and witness the food you grow on your own! You can turn it into a meditative experience by selecting a pot, choosing a plant that thrives in pots, and setting an intention you wish to see flourish in your life. Water it, nurture it, and speak soothing words to it. You’ll be amazed at the results.

So, are you ready for the heat? Embrace the arrival of spring by aligning yourself with the season’s transformative energy. Let Ayurveda be your guide in maintaining a harmonious balance as nature blooms around you.


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