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Who else is ready for the warmer weather ahead of us!?

We are a few months off from the heat but spring is in the air.

The northern part of the hemisphere is creeping towards the sun while the south moves into the darker, colder days. In Ayurveda, we recognize late winter and early spring as the Kapha season. Kapha, holds the elements of water and earth; giving qualities of cold, wet, heavy, and stability. Our bodies go through this change too. Through changing our food, shifting awareness with exercise and self care, we can harmonize the body with the external pull of the earths changes.

The substances we feed our senses can assist in preventing an imbalance forming within the body.

Changing with the season, we can maintain our body temperature while the climate starts to shift, maybe experience less allergens with the use of a neti pot. There are so many practices Ayurveda teaches us to maintain a healthy balance throughout the different times of year. Lets start simple, here are some foods that grow in southwest Florida around this time year:

*Book Choy
*Collard Greens
*Eggplant (remember this is a nightshade and can be harder to digest soon)

AND SO MUCH MORE! Here’s a cool link to help see what food grows around your state – www.seasonalfoodguide.org

Do you ever notice how we feel the urge to do a cleanse or want to eat cleaner around the spring time? It’s because the body has a natural intelligence within each cell that kicks in to tell us “its time to clean house.” Cleaning house could mean literally, like getting rid of things you haven’t even looked at this past year or cleansing your body house with a liver cleanse. Listen to your body and switch those meals up, create a new work out routine, taking a break from things like electronics and be out in nature more.

There are so many ways to reconnect your mind, body and soul with spring. Maybe you want to experience making a garden to see what food you can grow on your own! Create a meditation out of it by getting a pot, piking a plant that is pot friendly, and creating an intention you wish to see grow more in your life. Water it, feed it, sooth it with your voice. I know you’ll be glad you did. 🤗


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Ayurvedic Counseling

Ayurveda in Sanskrit is “Life knowledge/wisdom.” Ayurveda has been a healing practice for over 5,000 years. It is one of the first health care systems known to man. Ayurveda helps us to understand the qualities of the seasons, time of life and time of day we are living in. Throughout these cycles the body also fluctuates and knowing these cycles can help bring harmony and balance back into ones life.

During a session, we will find your Prakruti (birth constitution), Vikruti (the imbalance your body may be experiencing at this moment in time), teaching you how to understand the signs and symptoms the body releases everyday and how to work with these signs and symptoms for everyday health and wellness.

Sound Treatments

Do you notice the subtle sounds birds make when chirping or singing? The crickets in the evening when the sun makes its way to the other side of the earth? Feeling like you want to jump up and dance when your favorite tune comes on? As vibrational beings we naturally react to the stimulation within and around our environment. Sound healing instruments can be identified as crystal singing bowls, native american drums, animals in nature, crashes of the ocean and the tones we make with our vocal cords.

Within a sound healing session, we create a personalized healing space to help release restriction and tension within the body and cleanse the aura (energy)field. The session will beginning with setting an intention, breathing techniques to connect with the body, pendulum testing the chakras, and ending with 50 minutes completely immersed in sound. Once the session is complete you will feel deeply relaxed and should have a great nights sleep.

Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy increase significantly when on a monthly regiment. Consistent treatments help to move lymph, plasma and blood around the body which increases immunity, decreases inflammation and may help with insomnia-like patterns. Massage is known to help relax one's mind, improves flexibility, and reduces stress. We all live in a world that is very fast paced and massage reminds us to take a step back, slow down and enjoy the moment.

Covid-19 Policy 😷

Journey to your Roots will not be held accountable for any Covid-19 related incidents. You, as the client, will be responsible for knowing the signs and symptoms of your bodies health before treatment. Journey to your roots leaves masking requirements based on the clients wishes.

Journey to your Roots equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use. If a client experiences symptoms within a 24 hour notice of a booked appointment, the appointment will be canceled and rescheduled till further notice.