Exploring Chakra’s Through Yogasana: The Base

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In today’s fast-paced world, stress and tension have become common companions in our lives. As we strive for balance and well-being, it’s important to explore holistic practices that promote both physical and energetic healing. In this blog, we’ll delve into four therapeutic yoga poses that focus on chakra activation, elemental influences, and spinal cord release. These poses not only aid in stress relief but also enhance the functionality of our skeletal, muscular, and energetic systems. Let’s embark on this journey of self-care and rejuvenation.

Ardha Pavan Muktasana: Nurturing the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras:

Our first pose, Ardha Pavan Muktasana, involves lying flat on your back and bringing one knee to your chest. By doing so, we work with the muladhara (root), swadisthana (sacral), and manipura (solar plexus) chakras. These energy centers are associated with stability, creativity, and personal power, respectively.

Additionally, this pose invites the elements of fire, water, and earth into our practice. The predominance of Kapha and Pitta doshas helps create a balance within our body and mind. As we hold this posture, we can focus on grounding ourselves, nurturing our creativity, and igniting the flame of inner strength.

Ardha Ananda Balasana Variation 1: Embracing Earth and Water Energies:

In the second pose, Ardha Ananda Balasana Variation 1, we lie flat on our back and bring our heel towards our head. This variation continues to work with the muladhara and swadisthana chakras, emphasizing the grounding and creative aspects of our being. However, we shift our focus to the elements of earth and water, predominantly Kapha dosha.

By connecting with these elemental energies, we invite a sense of stability and fluidity into our practice. This pose allows us to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation, as we surrender to the gentle ebb and flow of life. As we hold this position, we can release any stagnant energy and allow ourselves to embrace a state of tranquility.

Supta Matsyendrasana I: Unleashing the Power of Earth and Water:

Continuing our journey, the third pose, Supta Matsyendrasana I, involves lying flat on our back, bringing our knee to our chest, and then towards the opposite side of the body. We revisit the muladhara and swadisthana chakras, maintaining our connection with the root and sacral energy centers.

Similar to the previous poses, we work with the elements of earth and water, inviting the qualities of stability, fluidity, and deep emotional release. Through this posture, we stimulate the energetic flow within our spine, promoting flexibility and balance in our physical and subtle bodies. By embracing the kapha qualities of nurturing and grounding, we can let go of tension and find inner harmony.

Figure 4 Leg Pose: Releasing Tension and Expanding Inner Groin:

Our final pose focuses on releasing tension in the inner groin. By lying flat on our back and bringing our right knee to the right outside of our body, we create a figure 4 shape. This posture helps open up the adductors and promotes freedom of movement in the hips.

While this pose doesn’t directly target the chakras, it complements the previous ones by providing deep physical relief and creating space in the lower back. By releasing tension throughout the entire spinal cord, we enhance the energetic flow and allow for a more profound sense of relaxation.

Integration into Therapeutic Massage Routine

As a massage therapist, I have found that incorporating these four stretches into my therapeutic massage routine offers numerous benefits to my clients. The passive stretching involved in these poses helps relieve tension and promotes flexibility in the hips and lower back. By focusing on the first three chakras, we tap into our foundational energy centers and enhance overall well-being.

Yoga is a powerful tool for nurturing both the physical and energetic aspects of our being. The poses discussed in this blog, Ardha Pavan Muktasana, Ardha Ananda Balasana Variation 1, Supta Matsyendrasana I, and the Figure 4 Leg Pose, provide a pathway to stress relief, chakra activation, and spinal cord release. By incorporating these poses into our routine, we can cultivate a deeper sense of balance, inner strength, and tranquility. Let us embrace these practices and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


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