WildFlower Blend

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WildFlower Blend:

Mother Earth has provided herbs, roots, flowers, vegetables and plants to help all living, breathing beings on the planet to live a fruitful life.

In Ayurveda school I started to understand how healing knowing just a handful of herbs and spices that could help with my health and wellness. Some of the herbs I will be talking about today help with cooling the body down and helping to reduce inflammation. I’m making this concoction “WildFlower Blend” over a 12hr span to really ally the soaking of the medicinal flowers and leaves to transform the boiling water. My intention for this blend was to help with my blood, rejuvenate my tissues and help with any inflammation I have within my body.

The ingredients used are:

* Raspberry Leaf – reduces heat in the body, great herb for overall woman’s health, helps with inflammation in the body.

* Calendula – anti-bacterial / anti-inflammatory / antioxidant

* Rose Petals – amazing healing herb! Its cool in nature, anti inflammatory, helps sooth the heart

* Cherry Bark – helps reduce mucus and specifically helpful for lung support.

When gathering the idea of creating a tea for me and my honey to have for tomorrow, I thought to myself “what is going to make us feel good and hydrated?”

Went through the herb cabinet, found these gems and threw them together! I don’t have specific measurements, I did it with my eye and guessed how much of each will be. Things don’t always need specific measurement’s. Have fun and create this blend or make one of your own! Your body will be glad you did.


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