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Hello! My name is Shannon Lamoureux.

I’ve been studying the human body through Western thought since high school. My first training in the medicine world was receiving my Certified Nursing Assisting license in 2009/2010. From there, I started working in nursing homes and found myself working on the Alzheimer’s and Dementia units. It was there where I learned how to care for people with all sorts of alignments and diseases. When I graduated high school with a year of experience in the nursing homes, I started an EMT program and began my prerequisites for nursing school.

In 2013, it was a pretty intense year, as my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 liver and lung cancer with a very slim chance of recovery. I became her caregiver and started helping her towards the new life she was going to be living. This experience opened up my eyes, and I asked myself, ‘There has to be more we can do than just make people comfortable until the end. How can I help someone before they get to this point?’ Not really knowing what the word ‘holistic’ meant at 19 years old, I googled ‘a holistic school near me,’ and a massage therapy school in Boston, MA, popped up. The following week, I visited the school and signed up right away. Not knowing what was going to happen, I dropped out of the traditional college route and made my way to Boston.
So I moved to Boston and completed 8 months of massage licensing. I learned more about the human body, not just its physical aspects. It was here that I learned ‘alternative’ medicine, though I now believe the Western way of medicine is the alternative way. Massage school is where I learned about acupuncture, energy medicine, and so much more. There was one technique in massage school that stuck with me, and it’s called myofascial release. Myofascial release has been my main focus since graduating from massage school in 2014. After leaving my school, I first started working in a John Barnes myofascial release clinic outside of Boston and honed my skills, creating treatment plans for clients to help them along their healing journey.
Throughout the years, I have continued to learn and grow to help myself and the clients who walk into my office. I’ve been studying yoga, energy medicine, and Ayurveda for the last 5 years, on top of continued learning with myofascial release and soft tissue techniques. My goal is to educate, inform, and assist wherever I can to relieve pain and discomfort within your body. I love chatting about the information I have learned over the years and creating plans that can help you achieve the goals you’re hoping to reach in your life! Let’s connect and work together on the journey to your health and wellness.


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