The Wonders of Castor Oil

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Castor Oil

is known to date back to 4000 b.c.

This oil was once widely known as a tool for healing all sorts of ailments within the body. Castor oil is a bean from a palm tree. In the Bible there’s a reference to anointing oil and the oil is said to be castor oil “Palm of Christi” which is another term for castor oil. Topically (on the skin), castor oil is known to ease skin conditions, used for abdominal massage to relieve digestive upset, and inflammation/cramping on the lower abdomen during a woman’s menses.

In a book called “The Oil That Heals”, writer William A. McGarey, M.D. enlightened us with Edgar Caseys reading on castor oil and how he use to apply for treatment back in the 1930’s. There was a part in this book that touched briefly on castor oil directly effecting the lymphatic system somehow. “We have seen how individuals have applied castor oil packs over various parts of their bodies and the lymphatic system responds to the castor oil and brings healing to the body.”

In all, making castor oil packs at home for a sprained ankle or sore space on your body can make a huge impact on the healing of the abnormality in the body. Other uses of castor oil can help increase relaxation, balance eliminations, reduces swelling, stimulates organs and glands, and so much more. Please be mindful this is of Journey to your Roots personal study of castor oil and not a substitute for your plan with your doctor. If you wanted to try making a castor oil pack at home you will need the following:  

*Plastic Wrap
*Organic Wool Flannel Cloth
*Castor Oil Organic
*Heating Pad
*Towel (you won’t mind getting dirty)

1) Place the plastic wrap on the counter, size determines the area surface you will be placing pack on your body. If its for a knee about full arm width, elbow half arm width, abdomen full arm width, I think you get it.

2) The wool flannel cloth you want to fold it a tad bigger than the surface area you will be placing. Try and keep flannel on the ticker side when it comes to folding it. Place wool flannel cloth on top of the plastic wrap.

  • 3) Heat up castor on stove top just for a FEW MOMENTS for it to get warm.
  • 4) Once warm, pour castor oil onto the cloth let it soak up.
  • 5) Careful of the temperature of the oil and place the saturated oiled cloth on your skin with the plastic wrap to protect the oil from going everywhere. I sometimes add another plastic wrap for secure purposes.
  • 6) Find a comfortable position, put towel under you and place heating pad over the oil pack. Relax for the next 30 – 120 minutes.

The longer the better to allow for the oil to get deeper within the body. If you wanted to skip making one at home, here is a great company with organic castor oil with the pack! They offer different sizes for different areas of the body like thyroid, liver, and pelvis. They even have a hair mask! Check them out here.

Please reach out in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!

The Oil That Heals : William A. McGarey, M.D. : page 93, Chapter 9: Castor Oil Working on the Body Physiology


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